Rushing A Product And Fixing It Later Route

Rushing A Product And Fixing It Later Route

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With so many countries trying to be the first to introduce some kind of vaccine for the covid-19 pandemic I was reading how the US was releasing this convalescent plasma that is supposed to be a breakthrough treatment for people with the virus. It seemed to be rushed as well where the pressure was on to get something out there and all the formal testing hasn’t been done.

But this made me think of software and gaming related industries where many businesses have adopted the mentality of just dumping your product out to the public to meet specific shopping season rushes even if the product has so many faults. Basically, you can always fix it by telling customers to download update patches so why risk losing thousands of sales by missing a specific launch date?

When it comes to food and health related items though it makes me wonder if this option shouldn’t really be feasible under a normal circumstance. Imagine running a restaurant and giving people half cooked items because they have been waiting too long even though what you are sending them isn’t edible. But does it make sense for a digital business?

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