Running A Pizza Business By Yourself

Running A Pizza Business By Yourself

Fascinating video I watched today of someone who apparently runs a pizzeria all by himself. Literally, everything from preparing the pizza to serving the customers this is a type of operation you would expect to have at least two people on duty each day in order to maintain a productive workflow. Now the main reason I would imagine is primarily because of the cost hiring employees. For a small business that isn’t unusual such as corner stores that only has the shop owner doing everything. But for a restaurant that is making everything say fresh to order like here it makes you wonder if is better to simply hire help to be able to serve more people.

Then again, the person seems to be doing okay even though you see him frantically rushing to get things done frequently. The other argument I read is that the person is obviously very passionate about what he does and therefore hiring outside help isn’t needed. I would imagine that would mean one has to stay at a certain level in terms of business growth as it will simply be impossible to serve more people than one can realistically handle all alone.

If one becomes too busy with this scenario though you could opt to simply limit the amount of customers per day while charging a premium if the business has reached that level. I suppose that is a question too. If you really loved what you did would you rather earn more by scaling your business or would you simply increase quality and prices?

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