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Run or Go All In During Bad Economic Times

Of course that earthquake in Japan has had an impact on every market in the world. As usual, you hear things like the market is plummeting and all as every is pulling out due to the disasters. I think the natural reaction is most people say you shouldn’t invest in anything all at.

With that in mind, it’s always interesting to read the other side of the opinion. These people instead say at these times it is bargain in terms of finding things to invest into as the prices are so low. It also reminds me of companies that started to set up a shop during bad times like these only to grow into a powerhouse. I guess the common sense reason for that is if others are so scared to do anything and you are the only real option out there then you get virtually all of the business.

You definitely still have to do your research on what makes sense. But in general I would agree with the mentality that there should be a lot of opportunity available and not just a doom and gloom mindset in these situations.

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