Rogers New Phone Plan Price Criticism

Rogers New Phone Plan Price Criticism

It hasn’t been too long since the merge between Rogers and Shaw here where many people assumed that this merge will create less competition and higher prices. So today was interesting as they listed its new phone prices if you have Internet services with them as well. You can see they had a phone plan that was about $65 a month usually where having Internet access would reduce that to $55 a month. The highest plan was normally $105 and would be reduced to $75 a month.

That doesn’t sound like a very good deal considering again you have to have the Internet service to get that discount. There are some deals currently where you could actually get the cell phone plan for free with no data as long as you have the Internet as an example with data rates that can be as low as an extra $10 a month or so. On the other hand, the network should be faster than the old one.

It doesn’t look too good so far though in terms of phone prices coming down.

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