Riding Out A Successful Product or Introducing More Stuff

Riding Out A Successful Product or Introducing More Stuff

Recently I worked on an item that for whatever reason seems to be garnering a lot of attention to the point where it is generating a lot of advertisement and interest in a brand. I thought it would just naturally cooldown in a few days but there seems to be no stopping at the moment. What this mad me wonder is whether or not I should simply allow this to ride the wave and not introduce anything new that may distract and cause that hype to slow down. On the other hand, you could argue that when you have the world’s attention per se that is a great time to start putting more stuff out there.

I guess the best example would be a restaurant. Let’s say you suddenly introduced a burger that everyone seems to want. It’s so popular that this one item has overtaken the sales of all you other items. So do you then just dedicate your restaurant to serving this burger or do you try and capitalize on all those new customers to introduce other new items? The drawback can be you are wasting resources on unproven products or that an unfavorable item can kill you existing hype. On the other hand, eventually the demand for what’s hot should die down and so you need to be more than just a one trick pony. There never is one clear answer I suppose huh?

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