Retiring Too Young
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Retiring Too Young

Funny story I was told today of a person that literally retired at about the age of thirty due to an inheritance of some sort. Not surprisingly, he decided to quit everything he was doing with the mindset that he would then just treat everyday like a vacation. As you may have expected, he is bored out of his mind and doesn’t know what to do as he didn’t really have anything to work towards anymore.

If you ever are saving a lot of money then you should have something in mind in regards to how exactly you are intending to spend it. Example, saving up to invest in some kind of business or say to travel to X amount of places. Therefore, you will always having something to strive for. In cases of like an inheritance too, if I was in that situation I would probably just use the funds to enhance what I am currently doing or trying to do as opposed to just stopping.

I don’t see why you would want to “retire” at that young of an age too despite if you have like a wealth of funds as I would think you would still have the energy and hunger to do big things.

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