Retail Price Scanning Code Practices

Retail Price Scanning Code Practices

I saw a re-run on the news the other day about how if you go to a store and buy an item where the scanned price comes out higher than the price marked on the shelf then you are entitled to get it for free or a $10 credit if the item is over $10. This is known as the Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code and you can find a list of merchants that participate in this by clicking on the link.

Speaking for myself, I have always found that London Drugs seems to be the most prevalent in having items that end up scanning higher than the tagged shelf price. Not exactly sure what the reason is for that. I personally knew this awhile ago but I know a lot of people are unaware of this and as a result they usually just accept the offer of simply accepting the item at the tagged shelf price.

I never actually gotten an item for free before though and I wonder what they mark down on the receipts for it as I’m sure as a business you always want to keep try why an item was discounted.

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  • Donald Brown 8/7/2008

    Yeah.. I’ve heard about this Accuracy Code somewhere in Google or in Glyphius. I”ve always had problems about the price discrepancy at most shops, I’m glad to know that something is being done about it.

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