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Restricting Opportunities To Your Brand Persona

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Like most people I have been reading all that news about Donald Trump making some inappropriate comments about woman with a recording back in 2005. Afterwards there were stories of him being on the Howard Stern show where he makes even more controversial comments about woman and his ability to attract them and all. While a lot of people are mostly discussing the ethics of this, I was reading some interesting articles that focuses more on the business side of this in the sense of wondering why someone wouldn’t be more cautious of what they say in the public.

It began to talk about how during those times Trump wasn’t doing as well and it wasn’t until like The Apprentice show began when he kind of changed personas in a way to be like the more power player kind of attitude. Before apparently it was more of a flamboyant/confident type of personality. So now that he is running for president of course everything from the past adds up and it seems like there is no way for him to spin it to his advantage.

The funny thing was these quotes from an old interview was being passed around on what would appear as even Trump admitting himself that his past would be very conflicting with his current endeavor.


This just makes me think of so many things if you were like a young entrepreneur today and whether or not you would be limiting your opportunities in the future based on the style of work you do today. For example, imagine even in some legitimate cases such as you being an entertainer where you constantly say vulgar stuff as part of your overall brand. Would that mean because of that there is no way in the future you could ever be involved in humanitarian types of jobs?

Thinking that long into the future isn’t feasible in many ways for people too as you never really know what will happen. In some ways it’s like if you chose a specific brand style and target audience for your company then you may be stuck there forever where going out of that is suicide.

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