Residential Lines or Business Lines

Residential Lines or Business Lines

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So I was talking to a person that was starting her home based business where of course she will be doing everything from her home. All she really needed in terms of the essentials was a computer and an Internet connection. While talking about expenses she was saying how the Internet would cost her about $70/month which sounded extremely high to me. Basically, she was looking at all of the business services from the provider.

While granted the service was faster compared to what normal residential people were receiving, the cost was literally about three times as much. As well, for what she was doing even a regular line would do fine. She was originally thinking of signing up for the business services because it just felt like it gave her a more legitimate feel. I guess it is like a phone line. In my opinion, a simple home based business can do with a regular residential line as opposed to paying for those hefty business ones. Some people even just get pass with a cell phone.

In terms of image I don’t think most people can tell or would care if you were using a business line or not too. So you might as well save the money to be used on other things I’d say. If you think about it, you are kind of already going for the non-traditional business expense route as in this case one is opting to use their house as oppose to leasing an expensive office. Unless your operation is to the point where you need expensive services then that would be a different story.

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