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Reselling Pricing Error Items

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I was reading how there was a huge pricing error on a product that normally costs hundreds of dollars and was being sold for under $100. As a result, people were ordering multiple quantities of the item mainly to resell it to others.

Usually when I see something where I notice that there is a huge price error I would be inclined to purchase it without thinking too much. The way I see it, you can either resell it for a very good profit or give it away as a present that will make someone really happy. Especially if the store has a good return policy for unopened products.

This is one of those you snooze you lose scenarios where too much thinking isn’t necessary. Again, if the place of purchase has a good return policy and you don’t exactly say have a spare thousand dollars to keep the item then that give you a good time frame to figure out if you can say make a good profit out of it. I would personally be inclined to sell it though if it is something that I don’t really need in these cases.

The negative to this is that it can be annoying if you are genuinely a buyer and then finding out that this person just bought the whole inventory who is then reselling it. I personally think there is such a thing as buying too much to the point that makes it unfair, so to speak. I usually only attribute that if people are marking up the price of a high commodity item.

At the same time, businesses do that in general where they buy the product for a cheaper price from its supplier just to resell it to another at a higher price. May as well be a bit entrepreneurial.

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