Researching The Parent Company

Researching The Parent Company

This got me thinking as recently I was researching about webhosts and so many people were having difficulties finding one that they like as each one they signed up with was equally disappointing. This reminds me how when it comes to the webhosting business a lot of them are actually owned by the same parent company. For example, a company named Endurance International Group actually owns some big players such as Bluehost and HostGator.

If you explore more online you would see that many savvy users would tell you that and so if you really want to find something different you have to find out if the business is owned by the same parent company. It almost reminds me of grocery stores where a lot of places are owned by the same company where it’s odd when people say they will ban one place but just end up shopping at another that leads to the same owner.

You may find out that there isn’t that many choices when you break it down as well which can teach you how the big companies capture so much market share.

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