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Reputation Through Association

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So today I received an e-mail from a company that was trying to get businesses to try a demo of their product. As an incentive they planned to give people that participated quite a bit of money in the form of a giftcard. The funny thing was I never heard of the company before. However, in the body message of the e-mail was a link on where you could register to try out its product. In that link it actually showed exactly which lead generation company was selling my information that the business used to solicit me.

I was just thinking how much bad publicity that must give the company for not only selling information like that, but if the company that used the list turns out to be bad then people will automatically put it in the same negative light. I suppose in that sense you really have to think about how doing business with people will affect you in that sense as it’s not always just about making the dollar right there and then.

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