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Replacing Things When They Show Signs of Malfunction or Not For Work Items

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The other day this blog was completely down for awhile. Didn’t know exactly why but I narrowed it down to the database of the host being down. I immediately contacted them and they seemed to be speedy about it which was great. After a brief notice it appeared that there was some kind of power failure with the hardware. I have been with this host for well over a decade and the service has always been fantastic. Just recently though there seemed be more issues than usual with the hardware.

Another customer was even inquiring if the company had any plans to replace what must be some aging hardware or if their plan is to simply deal with broken parts individually as they happen. There wasn’t a response to that but it does bring up the topic where if you are a business in this case would you try to be as frugal as possible where you will use the stuff you have until it is truly broken or replace them immediately when they start to go even a little sour?

In my personal life I tend to use things until they are truly broken. Because in many cases I don’t truly need the latest and greatest and so I may as well get the most of what I have. For a business though where there are thousands of people depending on my service that is different. I would probably be inclined to stay updated with electronics and machinery if it is integral to my business. If something has more than one failing part in a short amount of time too chances are you will save more money by replacing it and not having a disaster at the last minute. Or at minimum a great backup that gives you enough time to get that replacement.

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