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Replacing A Screen With One Dead Pixel or Not

I noticed something odd with one of my computer monitors today as this red dot just kind of stood out like a sore pimple on the screen. At first I thought it just had to do with bad image quality as I couldn’t see it all the time when I visited different pages and programs. However, upon further inspection it would seem that it was indeed a dead pixel that was very noticeable on a black background.

I wasn’t too surprised as I have had this monitor for years and so these types of things are expected after a while. It then got me debating if replacing an entire monitor because of this minor detail is justifiable. Again, it is only noticeable on a pitch black background. For many people they would replace it in a heartbeat. I tend to want to use things until they become extremely unusable or if not replacing it would actually cost me more time and money.

I’m inclined to just tolerate this at the moment. I was thinking of upgrading anyhow to increase productivity. However, I was still waiting for a good deal as what I have is manageable. This of course just increases the incentive to upgrade if I saw a really good deal. But as a reason alone to upgrade I don’t think it’s enough to justify spending so much money for a replacement.

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