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Rephrasing The Term Used

I saw an interesting sales tactic today from a store. Essentially, it looked like they had quite of few items on sale that were previously returned or repaired from the manufacturer. Therefore, the item would be sold to the consumer at a discounted price. Normally you would see these items labeled as something like “used” or “open box.”

Instead, this store labeled them a little differently. For example, they would call items “re-certified” or “opened by consumer” items. I was wondering if that really worked on people as I would tend to ask more questions since I am not used to seeing people use those terms to describe used items for sale in a retail store. The “open by consumer” label makes it sound like it was just one of those people that tend to open brand new packages in the store.

Similarly, does the word “re-certified” make you more comfortable than buying a product that says “repaired” items? Sure shows you the how much a difference wordings can play in getting consumers to buy stuff.

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