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Repairing A Brand or Starting From Scratch

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So it looks like some interesting thing s are happening with that fiasco about the host company as apparently they had an ownership change. The first thing that came to my mind was how I can easily see that there are probably hundreds of other people who are experiencing a similar ordeal. Result, the image and reputation of the company is probably very low at this point to many. That just made me wonder if it wasn’t simply better for the new owners to just start a new business identity from scratch as opposed to taking over this one.

This isn’t exactly a global powerhouse brand like say an Apple or Microsoft. I guess another way to think about it is if there was a corner store that you bought which had a not so good reputation to a large chunk of the community as well as some bad debt is it wiser to turn that business around using the same structure and image? Or is it better to close that business down start from scratch with a new identity?

Unless your brand is truly that recognizable, if you are acquiring a business like that I would think that it should be treated more as you acquiring their resources and property. It doesn’t seem worth it to try and repair an existing brand if there is a large list of problems that were inherited.

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