Remembering The Advertisement But Not The Company

Remembering The Advertisement But Not The Company

This got me thinking recently while using the Skytrain as I noticed at one station it seemed like one company purchased a ton of ads where you see theirs repeatedly when walking down the aisle. They tried to go with a humor route it seems comparing its airline fairs to other options such as teleportation in a humorous way to show they are the best value.

Every time I walked past it I remembered it as the ad type and what it was trying to say. But the funny thing is I never actually remembered the name of the Airline. Imagine seeing a delicious food ad where you remember it because it looked great but in the end you actually don’t remember which restaurant it was advertising for. I was thinking maybe it is due to the fact that the ad is primarily large text with the company name listed on the bottom where many would think it’s just like a copyright text to ignore as an example.

It made me wonder if it would have been more effective to start the ad sentence with the name of the company instead. I guess that’s why it can be important to get some consumer research feedback of sort in regards to people who have no affiliation with your company in an effort to get unbiased feedback on your ad’s effectiveness.

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