Relying On Companies To Promote Your Business or Not

Relying On Companies To Promote Your Business or Not

For a lot of the projects I have done there have been many times where since it was primarily online based that means getting exposure from companies like Google and its search engine can be vital for a startup. As a result, many people invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars to try and search engine optimize their sites as an example.

This got me thinking recently as short videos seem to be a trend in recent times where people just want to quickly see something say entertaining or shocking. Because of that too many platforms are intentionally trying to get more people to create such content with the proposition that tgey will potentially be promoted.

That resulted in thousands of people submitting short video clips with the hope of getting a push where in reality many people are simply overlooked as they site there waiting for their time that may never come.

That’s one way to approach it where you focus one making something and then just hope it gets picked up by someone. But in contrast I saw those who just went on a more traditional marketing and public relations approach where they tried to approach multiple media outlets with their creations as something people must see. Or ar the same time, just manually going to communities where they think the target audience may be for their work.

It sounds like a silly oversight, but you shouldn’t rely too much on just a platform to automatically promote your offering. It works great in the beginning when there isn’t many people in the space, but once it gets crowded then it may be wiser to treat it as a bonus of free marketing versus relying on it to make or break you.

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