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Relocating Businesses

There was an election here today for the country which meant a possible shift in leadership and direction. When the results came in and made it apparent as to who won it’s kind of interesting to see how some people are already per-maturely making decisions such as moving to different locations as they think it will be better for their business. Again, nothing has even happened yet.

I would think from a business point of view relocating for example is extremely costly. Not so much because you have to physically setup shop elsewhere but rather you have to build your customer base all over again. Unless they all follow you of course. With that amount of risk it almost sounds better to try and adapt first to whatever obstacle you think will be going to you. Or at minimum, at least try to do a survey or something to see how many people will potentially follow you to your new place.

Usually too, even if people can’t follow you, with a lot of notice with your intent to relocate that can generate referrals so that if you do move to the new area maybe your old customers know people that live within the new place you are thinking of going. Make the decision more rational and logical I say even if you are extremely pessimistic about your current location for whatever reason. Kind of a waste to just throw everything you worked to build, so to speak.

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