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Reducing Courier Expenses

I was looking at the amount of money that a particular business spent when it came to delivering mail and various courier packages. It was kind of shocking to see just how much they spent as they used service such as phantom couriers even if the recipient is only say ten blocks away and the item is nothing more than a gratitude gift of sort. By the looks of it, they would pay about $20 to $30 for the service too.

This made me think of courier expenses for personal use and how many times we could save money by delivering items ourselves or without the use of commercial services. Sometimes what I do with friends or family members is that we simply give each other items where we know that the person is going to meet up with the other and so this way everyone saves time and money without troubling one another.

I’ve seen a lot of start up business avoid these types of expenses too initially by simply asking people to pick things up on site. Example, if it is something like the small gratitude gift type of scenario they would simply send an e-mail to the recipient to go pick it up and instead of spending the money to deliver it. Depending on the nature of your business this is not a bad way to do so I think to save money unless you truly have that much funds to burn.

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