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Redistributing Business Expenses

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A person was telling me today that this year their business has been generating less revenue than before. It wasn’t only them as many other businesses in the area were experiencing the same. So they then mentioned that what they wanted to do was crate some kind of advertising campaign to try and attract more business.

The first thing they thought of was to try and create a website as well as generating customers through search engines. The interesting thing was that they didn’t really want to invest in it as they were used to getting customers through regular foot traffic and therefore having to spend say $1000 just seems way too much in comparison. As well, it is something they are no familiar with and therefore think it would be a huge gamble.

This is a funny situation I thought as while it can be risky it is also one of those times where if you do nothing new then you are going to continue getting the same results. Especially in this day in age for things like a website where I’m sure it gives a business that has one a huge advantage over one that doesn’t. That is being a bit too cautious with your funds I think. I would be inclined to say if the solution sounds feasible and it’s mainly money you are worried about then you should just see what else you can cut back on to accumulate the funds.

Chances are if your line of business is so different to the point that you have to use other methods to attract people then there is something else in your business that you can now cut back on to adapt.

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