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Recovering or Moving On From Major Bad Publicity

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Nowadays it seems like making social experiment and prank videos online is a way of living for many. With the thousands of dollars each day people can make it’s only rational to expect that there are a lot of people who would take advantage of this by making fake videos. With that in mind recently a person who went under the alias of JoeySalads made where he claimed to be making a real social experiment on how apparently the black community hates Trump and would vandalize/destroy things like a car if they saw Trump propaganda on it. As the video would play out that is indeed what happened.

The interesting thing is there was actually a third party bystander who was taping the whole incident where you could clearly see that everyone was standing by to do everything on cue. With that video released it essentially exposed the person. As a result he has since then tried to apologize for the act and made an apology video of sorts that isn’t exactly getting a good reception.

The main points that usually came out is how people pressured him in explaining why he made so many fake videos. The bottom line is it came down to money. I was thinking how because of that almost all the apologies in the world probably won’t change people’s mind in having a negative perception of him from then on where his days of profiting largely on videos is probably toast. To make it worst he has quite a few fake videos as well.

It did make me wonder what the best option from a business perspective would be here. For example, should a person like him keep fighting in trying to rebuild what he had or should he just pack his bag and call it a career? I know for myself as an outsider I am not shocked at these types of action as I usually assume things like these are fake. Therefore, ironically I don’t even think all this bad publicity would do too much in the big picture as he has made his money and still has his platform I guess you can say. That is very sad in a way if you think of it out of a principles point of view.

In many ways I guess that is why people do it too as the reward us often bigger than the potential punishment. To me it’s almost like most people treat these like road bumps.

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