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Recognizing When People Use Sex To Sell To You

This might be one of those topics that you think would be the most obvious. However, today I was looking at an example on how a person who is normally pretty good in making decisions that will benefit himself and his business as well dropped his guard completely with what I would think is a pretty obvious tactic. Essentially, it’s almost like one company sending in all these guys to try and convince him to give them money or to support their product but the deal made no sense. Funny enough, the only thing they did different was send in a good looking female that did the exact same pitch and he actually fell for it.

He did mention that he wasn’t prepared for it which was an interesting thing to say I thought. I would think this would be one of the more obvious tactics such as if the person is dressing kind of provocatively or even attitude wise appears to attempt to get sympathy from you. Almost exactly no different than say how people screen others when it comes to a relationship. Except in this relationship it’s more about determining if the other just wants to gain from you business wise.

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