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Recognizing Genuine Feedback Versus A Hater For Your Industry

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Today a person was wondering why she was receiving so much negative feedback for some work that she published where for the most part it had good quality and people who seen it say it was great. Therefore it was mind boggling as to what she did wrong. After looking at it I decided to research the topic and industry a bit just to see what others were doing to see if they were getting similar responses. That then led me to all these articles on how apparently there were advocacy groups who despise the industry in general. With that in mind it all made sense.

In this case it was just a matter of people who just hate the field in general to the point where they want everything shutdown and will therefore try and make those who support it look bad. It’s almost like someone extremely disliking a certain cuisine period where even if they never went to a certain restaurant they will just leave negative feedback because they dislike that cuisine so much.

This can be an important thing to think about because I can imagine people spending all day wondering what they did wrong and how they can fix it. But when you realize the harsh feedback is not from your target demographic or people that just despise your industry in general then you really shouldn’t worry too much. Like they say too you will always have a certain amount of haters per se on your way to achieving your goals. Those shouldn’t be the main people you put a lot of weight on too as opposed to your actual demographic,

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