Recently Released Isn’t Always Better
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Recently Released Isn’t Always Better

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About a week ago I hastily got a cheap replacement phone as the one I had for over 4 years was pretty much dying and becoming non-usable. I didn’t care too much about the quality as I am going to be purchasing a permanent replacement soon and figured a modern day phone should at least match what I was using in many ways. I did buy it way back in 2016 after all even though it was a flagship phone. So with that I simply went with the salesperson’s said had the latest Android as an example. I guess that was a mistake.

As I have been using this phone for one it actually didn’t even use the latest Android OS. As well, the camera actually didn’t even record in 4K whereas my 2016 model did. So all in all my old one was still better including the type of screen that was used for my usage. With that in mind I was thinking of returning this one and getting something else for the time being. It did make me think how many times whenever we buy something without thorough research we just assume the newest stuff must be better.

Like here, that isn’t true as reading in-detail of what makes the product gives you the true answer. Or maybe the lesson is never trust salesmen huh?

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