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Real Estate or Stock Investment

One prominent topic that I heard during that conference was a debate on whether it is better to invest in stocks or real estate if your goal is to generate wealth for the long term. The main point for real estate was that it is more stable than stocks when it comes economic circumstances. For stocks it seems like the argument was that it is more obtainable for the average person to do.

I personally never tried real estate yet as it seems like something you would want to educate yourself about before trying it. There just seems to be so many details and regulations that you need to understand before doing any kind transaction. It’s definitely something I will want to try one day for the income journey section.

I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to try both if your good at it though as like some say it’s about diversifying.

one Comments to Real Estate or Stock Investment

  • Looking at the present situation in US real estate market it clearly seems it is too risky to make any investment in real estate at this point as the housing market rates is going down and expert believes it is burst of real estate bubble which was growing since year 2000. There can be debate on good investment destination but according to me both the investments stock market as well as real estate are good but one should need to have deep understanding in both the sectors.


    Mike 12/5/2007 1:00 am

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