Ready For Another Lockdown or Not
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Ready For Another Lockdown or Not

While we have restrictions here for indoor businesses I was reading how in Ontario apparently they may have a full province wide lockdown again as an answer to controlling COVID numbers. As you can imagine a lot of people are saying this will be the end for them financially as they were expecting things to get better not worst with factors like a vaccine in place.

It makes you wonder where if you are in an area where you are currently doing okay, did you take the year to plan and adapt in case we need to go into a full lockdown once again? For myself I think I am fully prepared with alternative types of work that I could do as an example where before I seemed to have gotten a lot more requests for my technical skills. That is one of the perks in having different interests and hobbies in life as those skills can come in use when things change.

The only thing I didn’t do before and haven’t now is horde up on products as I found for the most part I was still able to get what I needed at stores. But that is one aspect where if for some odd reason everything is just gone from the self then that would be a pickle to be in food wise and all. Would you be prepared?

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