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Reading The Actual Measurement Amounts For Value

Funny comment today. There was a person that bought one of those TV dinners type of products where you are simply supposed to place it the oven and it will be ready in a few minutes. So when the item was actually brought out of the package she was so shocked to see how tiny the portions were. Her immediate comment was that the pictures on the box look so misleading as she got the impression it was a lot larger. Think of it as she thought a piece of chicken was more like the size of a drumstick whereas it was actually like the size of a nugget.

That’s why I never go by pictures when it comes to portions in terms of determining value. I think restaurants are the worst too where many times the offerings in the menu look so large but when you get it the item it is miniscule. Therefore, it’s always a habit of mine even when I am shopping to see the actual measurement or portions of what’s inside the package. Sounds like a common sense thing, but I guess sometimes those images are just too suggestive where we just judge the offering based on that.

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