Reading Public Opinions To Find Bad Employees

Reading Public Opinions To Find Bad Employees

I was kind of amazed recently as I was looking for the closest post office and there was one that had a lot of complaints about this one employee who appeared to be very rude. It was just amazing how this one employee hasn’t been dealt with despite how many public complaints there were. Imagine from the organization’s end where they are oblivious to this and probably assume everything is okay.

This shows why it can be important and beneficial for companies to read public comment and reviews about their businesses from time to time as it may provide useful insight on items that need to be addressed. People often spend thousands of dollars for consultation or secret shoppers to evaluate a business too where in this case all you need to do is take some time to read public information.

That also gives you an opportunity to potentially win back those customers when people see that you recognize there is an issue.

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