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Reactions To Credit Credit Card Theft

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A person was telling me a story today on how when she went to buy groceries for some reason the credit card wouldn’t go through. Apparently, after calling the bank she was told that her card was charged for hundreds of dollars at various gas stations and that they froze the card due to suspicious activities. Indeed it was credit card fraud as she didn’t even own a car.

Her reaction to it was that she was so stressed and wondering how someone could do that. She then tried to think back where she could have used it recently that would have resulted in this theft. As well, she was kind of shocked that the thieves were even able to use it as she assumed since it is a PIN based credit card that you would have to at least know the code.

Thing is though I would think if someone did steal your card number they wouldn’t use it right away as I would think they would store it for awhile. This sure made her paranoid too from ever using a card again. That’s not bad that the card company caught it pretty fast though and if you think about it she didn’t lose anything as they recognized it was a theft and reverted the charges. There is no real need to freak out in these scenarios as you can simply report it and request for a new card I say.

The interesting thing too I thought was that she just kept saying how embarrassing it was that when she tried to make a purchase with the card it just kept getting denied as everyone in the lineup just stared at her. So that kind of told me that it is more about not wanting to be in that scenario. It’s just one of those things that happens too to some people and there are a lot of solutions for it if it happens to you. Just need to keep your cool.

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