Reaching Out To Old Contacts For Support

Reaching Out To Old Contacts For Support

I was thinking as just the other day I got an invitation from a person whom I haven’t spoken to in almost a decade I believe as she had a show going on and was inviting people it seemed. Now usually in these situations many people will just send the invites to everyone they know to try and maximize the response. In those cases, I am inclined to ignore it if the event itself doesn’t really interest me. But in this case, it felt like the person thought that I would specifically be interested in it I figured, since the person has a lot of different events at times it seems, while at the same time it would support her. So, I figured, why not and bought myself a ticket to see the show later.

It does demonstrate too the importance of at least thinking whether or not your invite would be suitable for the person. Otherwise, it can come across as simply treating people as a number. I was thinking too, another reason was because I remembered the person supporting me way back and so like many you tend to remember those who have done something good for you as well. With that said, it would be a way to see if this was a genuine invitation per se.

It’s all about building relationships with people in many ways and this can determine if one genuinely wants to stay in contact versus again just simply using people as a number. One example of a bad scenario was I remember a person inviting me to an event where I went just to support him mainly but afterwards he didn’t even take a second for thanking people for coming out. It appeared that he just wanted to try and fill up the room as much as possible for marketing purposes. Like there, I pretty much just considered the person as one who reaches out only if they need something as an example. Establishing the business relationship is one thing. But you still need to make an effort to maintain it.

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