Raw Natural Food Costing Less For Your Need
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Raw Natural Food Costing Less For Your Need

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One light-heart example of monthly expense for a person I was talking to recently was how he bought a ton of peanuts to feed the animals in the park. He definitely spends a lot too. He often bought things like roasted peanuts which for the most part isn’t too expensive overall when you think about it. But would animals such as a squirrel care if it is roasted or not? That then brought up how you can get these bags of raw peanuts that haven’t been processed at all. They are almost one fourth the price of the processed stuff and the animals seem to enjoy it just as much.

It almost reminds me how if you buy fruits and vegetables that aren’t pre-cut or prepared for you they can be so much cheaper. Isn’t it a lot healthier too like here for an animal if you are giving it raw and organic items? Funny enough it’s actually cheaper than bread too which many people say is not good for feeding an animal. I remember when I did the welfare food challenge I mostly just ate raw food since I didn’t have the luxury of using things like sauces. I was even saying how I often felt more revitalized.

It’s odd too as usually buying these raw and organic stuff costs way more. I guess like usual it depends on where you shop as the deals are there to be found. Especially if you can deal with the “ugly fruit” options too.

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