Rash Decisions

Rash Decisions

Today I was talking to a friend who mentioned to me that one of his friend was actively pursuing some sort of business opportunity with a company called “Lifewave” and wondered if I knew anything about it. Based on company literatures, they sell “Energy Enhancer Patches” which contains its “Lifewave technology”. To be brief, it is supposed to send signals to the cells in your body to increase functions such as fat burning properties. I then got to review the business opportunity aspect of this company and to get started you first begin by purchasing a “business centre” that can cost up to $379.95.

Afterwards, you receive compensation based on a point system that you accumulate through retail sales of these patches or sponsoring others to do the same. In short, the compensation plan is a multi-leveled structured plan. One of my personal pet peeves are apparent “gurus” out there who are quick to condemn everything other than business’s that they are personally affiliated with, so I am not here to classify this as a legitimate opportunity or a scam. Most people that are reading this are probably adults and are old enough to make decisions for themselves, so instead I will just mention about some points that I have learnt over the years about these kinds of opportunities/companies.

Whenever you are approached about an opportunity such as this, always try to look at the products/services first. Many times, like what happened to my friend’s buddy, people look at a business opportunity and instantly become mesmerized on how much money they can make if they buy into the business right away as they are fed “The Dream” of being financially free. Ask yourself, would you honestly use these products yourself at that price if there was no potential financial gain attached to it? Does the company have a good track record?

Another factor is that these types of business’s encourage you to sponsor others to also invest in the business so that they can then do what you are doing. In this case, the investment to start can cost up to $379.95. Before going on a rampage and telling everyone you know about it, are you willing to openly tell them that they may lose money in this? From all the stories and real life events I have seen, these types of business’s can easily tear apart relationships if one is not fully up-front about the possibilities.

Would I sign up with this company? Personally I wouldn’t because I have no first hand experience with the product and in my opinion if this was truly a revolutionary product, I should have read about this a long time ago on the news. Granted that there are times where people invest in a company based on promises to then see the company mature into a powerhouse, but even then it’s the products and services that are the highlights on why you should buy into the company rather than concentrating on how rich you can get quickly. From my personal experience, every type of business requires a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed. Do something that you truly believe in and don’t let the thought of fast money blind you into making rash decisions.

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