Randomly Trying To Find Qualified Leads
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Randomly Trying To Find Qualified Leads

The other day while walking to the mall I was stopped by a news crew and the first question the person asked me was whether or not I had kids. I told them I didn’t and was curious what their segment was about. The camera guy told me they were doing a segment about cold and flu season and how many parents have to and nurse their kids back to a healthy stage. As well, there is currently a problem apparently with the availability of medicine for kids at the pharmacy.

This was a pretty random spot to try and find qualified interview subjects for that I thought since it was essentially around a random public park. While walking away I suggested if they wanted to find parents who are dealing with a child’s flu as an example hanging around the local pharmacy would probably be good. The person then said that might not be a bad idea.

It makes you think how going to places that would have your targeted audience is probably more productive but many times we just opt to approach people out of random in hopes to find qualified leads per se. I’m sure it can generate results as you never know who you may bump into. But I would imagine like here you would have better odds planting yourself in the areas where your targeted demographic is likely to go by.

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