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Randomly Connecting To Other Devices Security

This was a surprise today as I was walking through the mall to do some shopping. As I was checking my phone I all of a sudden got this alert that a new dive has been detected. As it would appear, it was for the Galaxy Buds 2 accessory which are wireless headphones. It asked if I wanted to connect to it and of course I didn’t. Technically if I did then whoever was using it could listen to any sound I was playing on the phone.

Now odds are it could have simply been a scenario where there was someone trying to connect it to their phone and I just happened to be around the same area at the time. Or it could be store display models that are on for whatever reason. But it sure made me think about security where I wouldn’t doubt a lot of people would click connect out of curiosity.

I guess for reasons like this do you use two separate phones where one is for business and one is for personal? Funny thing is I usually turn off all settings such as Bluetooth functions as well to avoid random stuff like this.

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