Quickly Leaving When You Don’t Get What You Want

Quickly Leaving When You Don’t Get What You Want

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Recently I was looking at some online groups as people were talking about growth strategies and as well there were people looking for collaborators. I noticed this one person that appeared in so many of the groups recently where each time he would simply self-promote himself and then await for some responses. The pattern I noticed was that if he didn’t get any responses within a day he would leave immediately. Essentially he wouldn’t spend any real time trying to get to know anyone first.

What a hasty mistake that is I thought. It’s almost like the stereotypical example of brushing people off immediately because you assume if they don’t buy from you now they are not worth your time. While you shouldn’t spend too much time trying to convince people to support you if they don’t want to I think you should at least treat it more as you will at least leave a seed there and see how things grow. Just leaving immediately can close so many doors in the future I feel. Especially if like in this case people explicitly notice that you dump people immediately if you have no immediate gain from them.

Many times your most successful business relationships can come from introductions from others too. So it can be wise to genuinely get to know the people you meet and the places you attend. You never know who knows who.

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