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Quantities You Buy For Price Error Items

I was reading a post about an item that seemed to be a price error where a product that could easily be in the $500 range was selling for $50. Basically, it’s like someone forgot to add an extra zero at the end of the price. Of course there were people that insisted in trying to buy say five quantities of it since it is such a good deal. This usually results in people getting blasted for trying to horde the items.

For me I would usually only buy multiple quantities if I know that I would be giving it to someone else that wants one too or if I can realistically sell the product to someone else to simply make my money back where it is as if I am getting the item for free. Example, if the item is normally $500 and is selling for $50 then I would simply buy two of them where it’s not farfetched to sell the extra one for $100.

I usually find that as a perfect balance where it’s not like you are trying to get everything for yourself but rather you are trying to be smart about saving and making money. I would personally only buy a ton and sell them for a high price if I was specifically in that type of business when it comes to earning an income. At the same time a habit of buying more than you need can usually end up as a waste.

To me it’s more of a habit development where you always want to think of ways to at least break even whenever money is going out of your account. Again, I personally see the real savings when it comes to shopping is how much money you have left in the savings account and not how much you necessarily saved on the item.

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