Putting Yourself In The Public Light For Money
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Putting Yourself In The Public Light For Money

So recently there was this reality show called Jon and Kate which apparently deals with a couple trying to raise 8 kids and the couple recently announced that they were going to divorce. Never seen the show myself, so I’m guessing it has to be popular to make newspaper headlines.

I was just reading some comments from people about this as a big issue seemed to have revolved around the money that the two would have to divide. As well, this raised criticism on how it was all about the money in the first place for them to put their family in front of the cameras. From what I gathered, it looked like they were making about $75,000 per episode. So I think it is safe to say that it was financially rewarding for them.

My first thought was if they have eight kids then they need to do something out of the ordinary to support their lifestyle in that way. I often say too that there is usually a link between privacy and making a lot of money where the people that have the most usually have to expose themselves more publicly compared to an average person. It’s like the tradeoff between an employee and self employed person when it comes to time flexibility and self accountability.

Assuming they did just do the show for money as the main motivator, is it really that bad? You see it everyday and for a lot of people it’s just a matter of what platform they feel comfortable with. While some people do it on a TV show, some do it through book biographies, seminars, etc. If the opportunity came your way would you take it? It boils down to lifestyle I’d say as how you generate an income directly affects your personal and social life.

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