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Purposely Creating A Rivalry

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This sounded like something straight out of the WWE or something I thought. Essentially, I was hearing how there were some businesses where for the most part the sales were stagnant and they didn’t exactly offer anything unique. The solution to generate more buzz and attention was to essentially get the business to fight with each other in the sense such as one person saying how the other person sells bad products or how the other has a shady background. Afterwards it wasn’t so much about the day to day operation as opposed to the what happens next that everyone wanted to know which in hence generated customers too.

I guess this example shows that many times it is all about telling a story if people are trying to generate more sales and attention for their business. At the same time, I suppose this is one of those things where you can at times take formulas that work in different industries and apply it to your situation and make it work as well to generate results.

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