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Punishment or Financial Compensation From Swindlers

I was watching the news about the recent conviction of the person named Bernard Madoff who has scammed people out of billions of dollars, about $65 billion, over a huge ponzi scheme. In the end, essentially all he did was say that he was sorry and admitted what he did was wrong.

One thing that I fully agree with in regards to the reports that I have read is that the guy probably doesn’t feel sorry in anyway but rather this is just another scheme to not have to pay people back a penny. As a result, people like his family members will get to keep the money.

From my personal experience, people like this never do it alone. The one person who really went to an extreme length to con me before had a bunch of people or “accomplices” help him in carrying out his deceptive scheme. I agree too where if you think these people are truly sorry for their actions in anyway then you have just been conned by them too.

Even for some posts I often post a lot of things that I think are deceptive where the intent is to simply take people’s money. When I think about, even when they do get caught, is the punishment for them really that bad to the extent where they won’t want to try something similar again? More importantly, does the punishment truly help the people who were victims?

With this story, it was interesting to read how everyone has a different opinion as to what should be done to the offender to make up for the financial loss that he has caused everyone. When I think about it, for most people even if they did get their money back they probably still wouldn’t be fully satisfied knowing that they could do it again.

Is it too mean or unfair to say that the people that aided him or continue to keep the money knowing how it was acquired should be put in the limelight as well?

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