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Public Holidays As A Shopping Day Solicitation

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It’s going to be a long weekend week here as a result of a holiday and immediately I was bombarded with a ton of e-mails from various companies that were advertising about its holiday sales. The thing is this isn’t exactly that is oriented around gifts either. But regardless so many companies try to invent a reason for you to shop at their store which in some ways seems a little silly. Example, some of them seem like they put no effort into the marketing literature as all it reads is “Buy a new monitor for the holiday” type of phrases.

I remember a person telling me before that he felt people always wanted to buy something during a long weekend since most people get a holiday pay of sort and are therefore inclined to spend. So you are essentially giving them an excuse to spend their money as they can semi justify a purchase if you put something on sale.

In many ways that is probably true. I’m just surprised at how these simple things work many times for businesses.

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