Providing Incentives or Creating Rules For Results

Providing Incentives or Creating Rules For Results

There was an interesting comment I heard recently where certain countries are having issues where it is illegal to mandate businesses in having to do certain things that could potentially violate some laws. So instead the workaround appears to be an attempt to incentive businesses to enforce certain actions instead. I guess as a light example would be imagine it being illegal to make a law where everyone you hire must only be people of a certain skin color. Instead, an incentive is provided to the company for every person that they hire who fits that criteria and so the business goes out of its way to do that for the money.

Very shady of course, but in general with that thought it showed two ways to approach a situation where you are trying to get results. Think of it where you have a business with sales people. Would you try to get results by rewarding people for making a sales quota or would you implement a company policy that states if they don’t meet a certain quota then they will be let go for poor performance as an example?

It’s weird to think about where people could use incentives to bypass certain rules when it should simply be a bonus of sort for doing the right thing.

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