Promoting Your Current Talent or Attracting New People

Promoting Your Current Talent or Attracting New People

With a lot of companies creating businesses that revolve around attracting people to use its services who in then turn essentially create or preform the work for the company to generate business it’s interesting to see the types of investment directions when it comes to growing a business. Let’s pretend you ran a site where people upload videos or pictures for others to see and you as a business sell ads and sponsorship to make money. Now that you have funds you can use it as marketing in two ways. You can either use it to promote those who are already using your platform or you can spend it in trying to attract new people to create more content for you.

I have mostly seen companies opt for the second choice which is to spend it on ways to bring in new people. Another example could be imagine you had something like an Uber platform business. Would you invest the money in paying your current riders more or utilize the finds to attract new car drivers? I would imagine most non owners of the business in question would say you should pay or promote those who help you get o where you are.

I have just never really seen companies favour that option. If we are talking about employees in a business, then that is a different story as most would want to invest in their existing talent.

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