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Profiting From Valentine’s Day In Any Business

Well today is Valentine’s day and as expected people are buying flowers and chocolate in an effort to show their loved ones that they care. I always find that weird where people feel like they must purchase something expensive for the other to show that they care. While shopping is nothing new what I found kind of interesting this year was how so many shops decided to sell Valentine’s day related items that normally wouldn’t suit their business.

For example, walking through the mall and passing by a clothing store they were all of a sudden selling these single flowers for $7 each. How random is that? Or a jewelry store then selling heart shaped candy for $10 a box. I assume people are actually buying them where there are a ton of last minute shoppers. Or more likely an impulse buy such as walking with your loved one and then thinking it would be a nice thought to buy it for them right then.

It’s just kind of interesting how if a business sees an opportunity to make a profit I guess there is no shame in introducing stuff that are completely seasonal per se even it is unrelated to the theme and image of the business. Makes me wonder, would it affect your perception of the business in general? Or would every place just be like a supermarket to you where it’s just about filling the shelves and selling the stuff?

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