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Product Loyalty On Price Increases

I have recently started to do some of my taxes and as I usual I prefer to do it through digital means to save time and paper. The funny thing was that when I went to the store to purchase the usual product it seems as though this year they increased the price by about 40% to 50%. Just to make sure this wasn’t just a crazy markup by the store, I did ask some of my contacts who did indeed confirm that the software creator has increased the price.

While I still ended up buying the product anyways since I pretty much planned everything around it, usually drastic increases such as that would make me inclined to try something else the next time around. I personally have no problem with companies increasing its prices to be able to stay profitable, but for myself anything over 20% kind of leaves a bad impression to me.

I guess that shows too that if you become too dependent on a certain product or service you are at the mercy of paying the company’s fees.

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