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Procrastinating The Simple Tasks That Get You

With the cold weather recently I have been carrying around an electronic hand warmer that does a decent job and lasts about 4 hours. Usually once I unpack I would set my electronics aside such as my phone and proceed to plug them in the charger. However, I decided to plug in the hand warmer later as I decided to make a meal while finishing my other work ahead of time. As it turned out, once I completed my work and all I just forgot about charging the hand warmer.

It wasn’t until early this morning when I was ready to go out when I grabbed it and realized the power was almost zero. To think too all this required was a few seconds to plug this in the wall as it charged in the background while I did my work. Yet for whatever reason I guess I thought it was such a small and easy task that I could put it off until later as there is no real rush.

That gets you a lot of times where simply putting off those small and easy tasks can really disrupt your day. Especially if something then comes up where you now actually don’t have the ability to do the task in question. Example, imagine if the power died in the house. Then you would be kicking yourself.

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