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Pricing Low To Get Higher Sale Prices In Bids

I was talking to a person that pretty much buys and sells houses for a living and he was saying how many times you can often get more money for the property by pricing it semi low where it will attract a ton of interest. From then on, in a lot of cases people have this competitiveness mentality where they will try to outbid each other. Compare that to if say you priced the item at the exact price that you want to sell it for you likely won’t get as much interest and offers in the end and won’t have that buzz to work with.

That’s true in many ways I thought. It’s almost similar to a sale event too where sometimes people will buy it simply because they assume if so many other people are after the same item it must be good. In this case too it works even better as people are technically just giving you offers and so if it is too low you could always just say no and not lose like a few thousand dollars.

The only time you would really have to worry about that is if you are say auctioning an item as obviously the highest bid is the final sale price.

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