Pricing Items More Expensive To Encourage Partner Sales or Not

Pricing Items More Expensive To Encourage Partner Sales or Not

Next week I may participate in an event where I may need to capture it which got me curious just to see some cameras that were on sale. I looked at companies such as GoPro where I initially went straight their own site. While looking at the prices they offered where you can get huge discounts by purchasing bundles, it was so much cheaper than what you could get it for at various retail locations that it made more sense to just buy it directly from them as a consumer. But that made me wonder from a business point of view, is it better to not make it cheaper on your own company page to promote sales for your retail partners?

That might be good to encourage partner sales because if it is a big box retail store as an example and they are making a lot of money selling your products that would mean you will get continuous exposure for your products through their own marketing efforts and storefronts. Even if you make more selling it directly the extra exposure is worth a lot of money in itself.

For a lot of manufacturers they actually don’t sell direct to consumer at all for these types of reasons and simply offer information pages. Something to think about if you have a sales strategy of enlisting a bunch of people to help sell your products. Or another common route here Is if you want offer a discount then you can provide your partners with the discounts to do so instead.

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