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Price Beat Percentages

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It’s pretty common to find some kind of price matching policy with a retail stores as a way to encourage you to shop with them without having to worry that if you buy it today you will find it cheaper elsewhere. Usually too most companies will even offer to beat the competitor’s price difference by about 10% or more.

Recently I was reading about how a company was now offering to beat their competitor’s price differences by about 25%. That is the largest amount I have ever seen personally. That just made me think how psychologically for the average consumer the number sounds so big that it will more than likely turn a few heads when people are deciding where to shop.

Speaking for myself, I have rarely ever shopped at a store with the mentality that if they have a price beat guarantee then I would be comfortable in purchasing it today. Instead, I actually use it as a way to try and get stuff cheaper on the actual day. So if I see that one store is offering an item at $30 which is a great deal, my first inclination will be to see if the other store that offers the high price beat percentage will have it in stock as well so that I can save more.

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