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Pretending To Hire To Get Free Advertising

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Interesting technique I saw today as there was a lot of outrage from people who were scolding this company that was apparently advertising for certain positions in the company. However, apparently they have been posting the ads forever which you would think meant that they just couldn’t find the right person still. Upon looking at it further though the funny thing was in their posting they were specifically telling people to do things such as spreading the word about their organization through things like Facebook and then afterwards telling them why you think you are good for the role.

I guess as you can tell they are simply trying to make various social media aspects of their business more popular. Since it is so easy to post in so many free sites nowadays seeing the same advertisement from a particular source is usually a good way to tell if they are simply trying to collect information from people or like in this case getting gullible people to essentially do work for them when they aren’t even hired yet. Some people even go to the extent of pretending they have a work at home opportunity for people and then saying in order to do so they need to fill out a survey which gives the original poster money.

I would say the best way to screen for legitimate opportunities is that the real companies usually provide a lot of details about the company in general as well as the pay. Not surprisingly most illegitimate postings usually have basic details like those missing.

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